Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Day Of December Freezing In Texas

The first day of December has arrived. The fall of fall into winter will be happening in about 21 days.

Even though winter is three weeks distant, a chill has descended upon my location on the globe.

Mother Nature conditioned the air to 33 degrees by the time she brought the sun up this morning, along with a wind causing that 33 degrees to feel like 30.

In other words, freezing cold.

Leaves on trees surrounding my abode responded by dropping in mass to the ground.

I responded to the freezing temperature by attiring myself in winter outerwear and then venturing north into my Caribbean themed neighborhood, eventually exiting Haiti to the Circle Trail where I eventually sat on the bench you see above and pondered various subjects needing pondering.

After I was done with the bench empowered pondering I continued south, eventually returning to my artificially warmed abode where I left ginger tea brewing in the coffee pot.

One month til the arrival of 2017, a year which portends to be a nightmare for America and the world. Ginger tea makes me feel better about the impending calamity, for awhile......

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Steve A said...

You might be too young to remember, but I thought much the same about 1981. That didn't turn out all that horribly.