Monday, March 21, 2016

HUGE Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally But Not In Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I keep reading how the national corporate media is ignoring, for the most part, the Bernie Sanders phenomenon.

I am not quite sure that the national corporate media is ignoring the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, since I seem to somehow read about the money raised and the HUGE rallies of Bernie supporters.

Like what you see here, from today's Seattle Times. Apparently yesterday Bernie Sanders drew one of the biggest crowds of the current presidential campaign.

Thousands lined up in a drizzle to fill Seattle's Key Arena.

Key Arena is where the Seattle Supersonics used to play basketball before the late Aubrey McClendon stole the team and moved it to Oklahoma City. Before being known as Key Arena the Arena was known as the Seattle Coliseum. Before the Coliseum was known as such it was known as the Washington State Pavilion at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, where one could ride what was known as the Bubbleator, which took you to a vision of the future.

I saw no mention made of the big Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally in any of the other online news sources I check in on each morning.

At the top of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's front page I did see mention made of Bernie Sanders, a headline claiming "Sanders campaign seems unwilling to meet with press in Boise."

Well, Mr. Sanders was in Seattle. That is a couple mountain ranges and a few miles from Boise.

No mention made of the HUGE Sanders rally in Seattle, but instead an article about the Sanders campaign seeming to be unwilling to meet with the Boise press?

Maybe there is some sort of anti-Sander corporate media conspiracy afoot.....


Anonymous said...

The Seattle Times is still family owned by the Blethens.

The Star-Telegram is owned by the McClatchy Company which lost 300 million dollars in 2015 despite selling their interest in

A fourth generation member of the Blethen family is publisher & chief executive officer of the Seattle Times Company.

The Carter family who once owned the Star-Telegram have not been so successful. They have gone from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations. Ouch. That's just like my opinion, man.

Anonymous said...