Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Did Not Know A Thunderstorm & Hail Was On The Texas Weather Menu For Today

Yesterday was a borderline HOT blue sky cloud-free day which started for me with a long swim in the not too cool pool you see here under a dark, cloudy sky.

I did not know thunderstorms were on the menu when I got vertical last night.

Sometime around three in the morning extremely bright flashes lit up my bedroom, almost non-stop.

What fresh hell is this, I lay there wondering, wondering this because while the extremely bright flashes seemed to be close lightning strikes, I heard no thunder rumbling.

And the outer world was dead calm. No wind. Nothing but those silent extremely bright flashes of light.

An hour or longer later I finally heard a distant thunder rumble adding sound to the light show.

Eventually the thunder grew louder.

About an hour after the thunder got loud the tornado sirens started screaming. Yet there was still no wind blowing. The tornado sirens screamed for about 15 minutes before ceasing with the screaming.

And then rain began downpouring, soon joined by big chunks of hail pummeling the windows.

The rain and thunder booms ended an hour or so ago.

Apparently more booming is scheduled for later today and tomorrow.

Below, from Facebook, this morning in West Fort Worth....

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