Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sad Day With A Few Photos Of Geff & Lulu

This morning I blogged about the loss of someone I have known for decades.

Geff Hinds.

Over the decades I have boomeranged in and out of contact with Geff and his lovely wife, Lulu.

And then there was a time in the 1990s when Geff and I sort of bonded over a couple shared interests, which I mentioned in the blogging earlier today.

I remember on the last day of our 1994 Lake Powell houseboating Geff and I took off in the early evening for a hike. We knew the nearby rock formation was known as the Moki Steps. We did not know what that meant. We hiked up the trail and came to a ladder. I climbed the ladder, Geff did not want to. I think I mentioned before we shared a fear of heights.

So, I went back down the ladder and we headed back to the houseboat. I remember saying something to Geff along the line of is it as surprising to you as it is to me that we are getting along so well. Geff said something like it was like we did not actually know each other before. Like I said, it was a bonding moment.

Soon after that bonding moment we found ourselves surrounded by bats, thousands of bats. Which is why the last houseboat docking location was known as Bat Cove.

So, after I blogged this morning about Geff's passing, his lovely wife, Lulu, commented to that blogging with the following....

lulu has left a new comment on your post "Sad News From Washington":

Thank you Dean. If you have any pictures of Geff & i, I would love to have access to them. L


I had looked through my photo collection this morning and saw a few photos with Geff and Lulu. After Lulu indicated she would love access to them I scanned four of the photos, the best of which, I think, is the one above, taken in Death Valley, after my van got a flat tire.

Much drama ensued after that tire popped. But, soon we made it to Stovepipe Wells for the night. That is Geff, acting like he is a paparazzi blocker, stopping someone from taking a photo of his wife.

The next two photos are from the Lake Powell houseboat trip.

Geff had hurt his back, so Lulu had to do all the heavy lifting, rolling goods to the houseboat docked at Bullfrog Basin Marina.

The above photo was taken at what we called Cougar Cove, due to a cougar coming on board in the middle of the night, with me scaring the cat off by screaming like a crazy person when I looked up to see a big cat staring at me. Everyone else was sleeping on the roof. Only I was inside guarding the entry. No one believed my tale til the next morning when big cougar tracks were seen embedded into the sand.

In the above photo Lulu is barbecuing with Geff's assistance.

A couple years after houseboating we journeyed to Moab for a lot of mountain biking and hiking.

The above photo was taken on the Fiery Furnace hike in Arches National Park. That would be Geff in the lead, followed by Lulu, with their son, Andrew behind his mama.

The Fiery Furnace hike took place two decades ago. Yet in my memory, it seems so recent.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls......


Kat said...

Sorry for your loss, Durango, and certainly sad for Geff's family. Your friendship and shared adventures are golden.

Alma's Chihuahua Ranch said...

Shine on you crazy diamond. You will never truly recover, Dean, but just learn different ways to carry that weight in your heart.