Monday, March 28, 2016

Grumpy Trumpy Drove Me To Walk With Arlington's Indian Ghosts This Final March Monday

The Trumpification of America seems to  have American civility at one of the most un-civil levels since the Civil War.

So much bad behavior.

And then this morning I learned of some local Trumpified behavior of a neighbor being un-civil and un-neighborly over a fallen tree and the fence the fallen tree knocked down.

The neighbor should have cleared out the fallen tree and helped fix the fallen fence. But instead the spirits of the Hatfields & McCoy's came to town, complete with guns.

I am having my own menu of aggravations, in addition to learning of the aggravations of others, plus all the aggravations all over America.

So, I did what I often do when trying to feel more peaceful.

I went on a long walk.

My closest long walk location is the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington. So I had myself a long walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this location due to their long ago aggravations brought to them courtesy of incoming Texans.

Macaroni & cheese, with barbecued chicken always seems to be a bridge over troubled water for me, so that was what was on the menu for lunch.

But, I'm still feeling Trumpy grumpy.....

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