Saturday, March 12, 2016

Village Creek Was In Flood Mode So I Visited The Trinity River Flooding At River Legacy Park

A year ago, on a Saturday, I would likely have gone hiking the Tandy Hills, or biking Gateway Park, followed by some Town Talk treasure hunting.

Today is Saturday and hiking the Tandy Hills, biking Gateway Park or treasure hunting at Town Talk did not cross my mind.

The hiking or biking would not be doable at either location today due to the recent deluging.

And I have sort of given up on going to Town Talk, what with the treasure hunting turning not so fruitful after a new owner took over.

I have myself a mighty fine time swimming this morning. By the noon time frame I felt like doing some jogging. I figured the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area might like some company.

That and I needed to go to ALDI.

Well, I got to the VCHNA entry to see the CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING gate blocking entry. I thought that might be the case today, what with that aforementioned recent deluging.

So, I decided to head further east in Arlington, to River Legacy Park, where I found a lot of water creating obstacles and a lot of people making their way around the water obstacles.

Above, that would be the high water of the Trinity River you see behind me. The river level appeared to be rising. I thought this due to seeing no muddy signs of it having retreated from a high mark.

Years ago I biked to the far east end of the River Legacy Park paved trail with the river unexpectedly rapidly rising. By the time I got back to the final bridge crossing, the river had flooded about six inches over the bridge deck. Park workers had blocked entry to the bridge at the exit end.  I told them there were a few people behind me. I asked if it seemed a good idea for me to pedal back and tell them to hurry. I was told that would probably be a good idea. And so I did so.

I wonder if there was anything good to be found at Town Talk today. I think my final straw with Town Talk was when I bought three cases of what I thought was yogurt. Each with coconut. Like peach coconut yogurt, strawberry coconut yogurt, blackberry coconut yogurt. I like coconut and thought this would be some tasty yogurt.

Turns out it was pseudo yogurt made out of coconut milk! Pretty much inedible and thick as a brick, and not in a good Greek yogurt thick way.

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MLK said...

I've been going to TT on Tuesday or Thurday. Found four cases of Fage split cups. Very nice, thick Greek yogurt.

I cannot abide going on Saturdays anymore. I will not fight over a head of cabbage.