Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Won't Be Pedaling The Cowtown Cycle Party To Arlington To Watch The USA Beat Belguim Today

On the left you are looking at the latest addition to Fort Worth's public transit system, with this latest edition being known as the Cowtown Cycle Party.

I do not know if this Cowtown Cycle Party thing is yet one more J.D. Granger brainstorm result, but that is Mr. Granger on the mass transit device, second from the right.

Fort Worth is known far and wide as a very green town, with this motorized by pedaling public transit option being yet one more example of Fort Worth's progressiveness in the saving energy, eco-friendly area.

I won't be taking any form of public mass transit to Arlington today to watch the USA beat Belgium on the world's biggest TV screen in the Dallas Cowboy stadium, because there is no form of public mass transit that covers all of Tarrant County.

If only the Cowtown Cycle Party ran a route to  Arlington, I could hop aboard and join the pedaling. However, even though this is a very energy efficient form of mass transit, it is also slightly expensive. Details on the cost later, but first I want to show you the Cowtown Cycle Party website....

That is Fort Worth mayor and biking enthusiast, Betsy Price, on the right, having herself a mighty fine time pedaling around downtown Fort Worth whilst enjoying an adult beverage and being eco-friendly while getting exercise and getting some fresh air, according to the Cowtown Cycle Party website.

So, how much does it cost to be eco-friendly, get exercise and breathe fresh air you are likely wondering, along with some other questions you may be wondering about, well, all you need to know I gleaned from the Cowtown Cycle Party website and have copied below...

Whether you’re a Fort Worth native or visiting for the first time, a ride on the Cowtown Cycle Party will give you a close-up look at Downtown that you can’t get any other way! Routes? We don’t need no stinkin’ routes! Your group can go just about anywhere in the Central Business District on the Cycle Party Bike. The two-hours are yours to spend as you like.

Hours of Operation
Full Bike Tours: Monday–Saturday 10am–10pm & Sunday 2:30-9:30pm
Make New Friends Mixers: Thursdays 8–10 pm & Sundays Noon–2pm

Make New Friends Mixers: $30 / seat for a 2 hour tour
Weekday Full Bike Tours for up to 15 People: $160 / hour ( 2 hour minimum )
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Full Bike Tours for up to 15 People: $190 / hour ( 2 hour minimum )
Holidays: $190 / hour for a Full Bike Tour for up to 15 People ( 2 hour minimum )

Tips are always appreciated! If you had a great time, tipping your driver the standard service industry amount of 20% is customary.

Pedal the entire time or make stops to visit:
Sundance Square Plaza
The Fort Worth Water Gardens
Historical and cultural points of interest
Cool architecture

Tipping? There is a industry standard for the cycle party industry? 20% of $30 is $6.

What is the service industry standard for tipping drivers of the Fort Worth T buses?

Anyway, I suspect I won't be pedaling the Cowtown Cycle Party anytime soon......


Anonymous 3.0 said...

Thankfully JD Granger didn't bring along his kids or any signage. I wonder what Kay Granger had to say about her grandchildren holding those signs?

I do see JD's faithful sidekick, Matt Oliver, in the photo. Can guys who are always wearing tee-shirts be called empty suits? I don't know why not.

Anonymous said...

You could have gotten off of the Max bus at Collins and Andrews. It would have been a 10 minute walk to the stadium.