Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rolling My Wheels In Fort Worth's Gateway Park Before Getting Peppered At Town Talk

I went rolling on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails today for the first time since the rains of June.

In times past at my favorite Gateway Park photo opportunity location my inferior photographic skills have thwarted my attempts to successfully capture on film, I mean, digitally, the steep precipice the mountain bike trail suddenly comes to without warning.

Today I took video of my favorite Gateway Park photo opportunity location. That video is currently being processed by YouTube, so I don't know yet if the YouTube version successfully depicts the Trinity River cliffs. The un-YouTubed version I saw on my computer did successfully depict the cliffs.

Well, YouTube has just let me know that the video has been processed and is ready to be published. I hit the publish button, copied the embed code and stuck the video below.

But, before you get to that I must make my semi-regular Saturday Town Talk report.

Town Talk was not a traffic jam today. So, I was in and out fast, with a couple bags of artisan buns, a big bag of sweet red, orange and yellow mini-peppers, ground turkey, ancient grains granola, extra sharp white cheddar, tomatoes, celery and other stuff I am currently forgetting.

What I am currently remembering, due to all this food talk, is I have not had lunch, coming up on 2 in the afternoon. I must address this issue immediately....

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Anonymous said...

Masterful cinematic technique on display here. Now you need a James Earl Jones voice for the narration.