Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Temperature Tour Of Four Towns: Fort Worth, Mount Vernon, Phoenix & Tonasket

Well, the cold front blew in to town just as predicted, which has been very refreshing, yet for some reason my air-conditioner still feels the need to cool the air.

Tomorrow is predicted to be even chillier, with a high of 89, then on Thursday I am thinking I won't be running my A/C, what with the outer world being naturally cooled to a high of only 80.


I thought it'd be interesting, well, interesting to me, to check in on the temperatures right at this point in time, coming up on 7 in the evening, Central Time, at some of my favorite locations, where some of my favorite people live.

While I am being heated to 92 right now, in my old hometown of Mount Vernon, Spencer Jack and my favorite nephew, Jason, are being cooled to a pleasant 81 degrees.

In Phoenix, where it should be over 100 degrees, it is only 95, with lightning and flash floods. I hope my mom and dad, sister, brother-in-law and favorite nephews, CJ and JR are keeping dry. I would include my brother and sister-in-law in my keep dry hope, but they are currently not in Arizona.

And then we have the temperature winner, Miss Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket, overheated at 103. On the map below you don't see Tonasket. You do see Seattle and Spokane. Well, Tonasket is located in the middle between Washington's two biggest towns, only up near the Canadian border.

So, there you have it, a temperature tour where we basically learned it is pretty much HOT all over the place....


MLK said...

All I know is that it is BOILING when I get home to my one story duplex. OMGosh hot.

I will be SO GLAD to be home in TEXAS next year when I can have air conditioning!

..passing out...

Durango said...

MLK, I am able to empathize with your misery. My house in Mount Vernon that I lived in for 12 years before moving to Texas was designed to passively cool with a half basement where you would open the windows on the north side and the windows on the 3rd level which then created, I think it is called a Venturi Effect, which basically sucks the warm air outta the house. But, my house in Mount Vernon prior to that was HOT misery on a day like you had up there today.