Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Duck Walk Around Fosdick Lake In Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park

The Fosdick ducks who live in Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park seemed to be in a better mood than the norm today.

Lots of melodious quacking.

I think the Fosdick ducks, also known as Fosducks, were happy due to enjoying the respite from  the HEAT, with the sun blocked by clouds which were producing what felt to me like a fine drizzle drizzling down on a west coast Pacific Ocean beach.

I can't remember when I last experienced drizzle on a Pacific coast beach. In 2004, August of, I drove to Ocean Shores, on the Washington coast, with no clouds and no drizzle. The last drizzle on the Pacific coast may pre-date the move to Texas, as in a pre-move drive down the coast with a stay in Seaside in Oregon. I vaguely recollect waking up to fog and drizzle.

Currently, early in the afternoon of the last day of July the outer world at my location is being chilled to only 78 degrees. I have my windows open. I have never had my windows open in Texas on the last day of July.

Below is a video of the Fosducks on the Run..........

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