Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Close Encounter Of The Snake Kind In Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area

I needed to replenish my much needed milk supply. With ALDI being my milk supplier and with ALDI being a short distance from Arllington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area I decided to roll my wheels with the Indian Ghosts before getting milked at ALDI.

I was not long into my bike ride when I got an adrenalin boost due to a snake encounter.

I roll at high speed when I reach the part of the paved trail which crosses the first dam bridge. It's a fast slope downhill, then across the dam bridge and then a fast slope uphill.

As I got to the dam bridge I saw a big snake snoozing in the middle of the trail. I had about 2 seconds to ascertain the snake had a diamondback pattern. When I met the snake in the middle of the dam bridge I figured it'd go right as I passed. Instead the snake quickly slithered left, across my path.

Due to seeing the snake had a diamondback pattern my neurotic fear of snakes quickly had me thinking rattlesnake. A second later the rational part of my thinking realized the snake with the diamondback pattern did not have a rattlesnake type head or a rattle on its tail.

The cicadas chirping and birds tweeting had the Village Creek zone seeming very jungle-like today. I decided to see if I could roll wheels and video at the same time. I have just YouTubed the result. For about 5 seconds all is well, you can hear cicadas,  birds tweeting and my fascinating narration.

And then when I pick up speed the resulting wind noise starts to sound like thunder. However, the video does give you a good idea of what biking with the Indian Ghosts is like in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

I wonder if my digital camera in video mode has a wind noise suppression option like my antique analog video camera did?

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Listener in Fort Worth said...

I think you mistake the whispers of Indian ghosts for wind noise, Durango...