Monday, July 7, 2014

The Popular Texas Sport Known As Littering Is Freshly Perplexing Me Today

Early yester evening I walked up my neighborhood hill to Albertsons. I noticed that the usually heavily littered route had been de-littered, for the most part.

And now, today, I walked up my neighborhood hill to Albertsons again, to get chicken, to see that which was de-littered yesterday has once again been re-littered.

Why is littering such a popular sport in Texas?

In the litter picture above we are looking east, towards Dallas. My neighborhood Chesapeake Energy gas pad site is at the top of the hill, on the left. The aforementioned Albertsons is across the street, on the right.

How can this much litter show up overnight, even in Texas, where littering is such a popular sport?

I remember the last time I drove back to Washington, early August of 2001, by the time I got to Colorado I started noticing how much less litter there was laying and blowing about. And how sparkly clean everything looked.

The entire way to Washington was pretty much free of Texas-style litter.

When a Texan leaves Texas and finds him or herself in some place like Colorado does it seem to the Texan that something seems to be missing? As in, where has all the litter gone?

Maybe the Don't Mess With Texas anti-litter campaign was not clear enough in its message. Maybe the message should be more direct, something like Don't Litter You Lazy Slobs.

Yes, I am sure that would be effective and much more easily understood.....

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