Friday, July 11, 2014

Today On The Tandy Hills I Forded A Flooding Tandy Creek Before Finding A Log Sticking A Giant Tire

In the last couple days Stenotrophomonas has made mention of a new thing or two on the Tandy Hills.

Things like a pipeline construction project with HUMONGOUS pipes, lots of heavy equipment, a widened section of the Tandy Highway, shiny new manhole covers and a new piece of Tandy Hills art in the form of a giant tire being pierced by a log.

Stenotrophomonas did not mention that the North Fork of Tandy Creek is in flash flood mode. I am guessing the flood started flashing since the last visit from Stenotrophomonas.

A video of the Tandy Creek flash flood is below, narrated with my James Earl Jones-like narration. But, first the new work of Tandy Hills art.

The giant tire is located on the north side of the South Fork of Tandy Creek.

As I walked past the giant tire I eventually came to that which Stenotrophomonas has made mention of, such as the widened highway and a chunk of giant pipe or culvert or something.

You can see a small slice of the widened Tandy Highway behind the big chunk of metal. To the right, up a hill, I saw heavy equipment doing what heavy equipment does and making a lot of noise doing it.

I had myself a mighty fine time walking on the Tandy Highway today. I did not make it to the Hoodoo zone.

Below is the aforementioned video documenting today's flash flood of Tandy Creek's North Fork....

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