Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Next To Last Sunday Of July Trying To Not Let The Door Hit Me Where The Good Lord Split Me

On the left you are looking at a screen cap of my blog from January 12, 2008.

The "America's Team" blogging was my 16th blog post.

In the picture in the screencap I am laying on the floor of my living room, reading the Seattle P-I, with my cat  Hortense reading the paper with me.

Hortense moved to Texas in November of 1998. Hortense made the move by flying. I made the move by surface transport. Hortense had a stroke and died before the turn of the century and is buried in a pasture in Haslet, a little burg at the far north end of Fort Worth.

Now, why in the world am I bringing up this blogging from way back when, now, you may be wondering.

Well, this morning this particular blogging generated a blog comment from someone named Matt. I found Matt's comment to be quite amusing. I used to get these Matt type comments quite frequently, but, in recent years, not so much.

First the Matt comment and them some more commenting from me.

Matt has left a new comment on your post "America's Team":

Let me get this straight: You think everything is just oh so much better up in Seattle, yet YOU went out of YOUR way to move down HERE in Texas, Fort Worth no less. I was wondering where all this influx of rude drivers and rude customer service workers were coming from. Should've known it was trash talking blowhards from up north. Nobody held a gun to your head and told you that you had to move here. If you hate it so much, then get the hell out, and don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

I read the above and wondered to what Matt was reacting. I was a bit surprised to click the link to learn Matt was reacting to a blogging from over six years ago.

I read the post and was further perplexed. Not that I have not compared this or that in my Pacific Northwest experience to something in my Texas experience, or some aspect of Seattle to some aspect of Fort Worth. I recollect maybe saying things like in Seattle when something is called a square, such as Pioneer Square, there actually is a square, while, until recently, in Fort Worth you can call something a square, such as a collection of parking lots known as Sundance Square, where there is no actual square. And then when Fort Worth finally adds a square to Sundance Square it is goofily named Sundance Square Plaza.

I don't  know why Seattle does not follow the Fort Worth lead and rename Pioneer Square as Pioneer Square Plaza, other than that being goofy and likely the object of ridicule.

The blog post to which Matt commented was pretty much making fun of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I did not realize til reading this post from 2008 that I'd been engaging in that sport for so long.

The only comparison between Fort Worth and Seattle in the blog post were the following sentences in the first paragraph....

When I lived in Washington my morning paper was the Seattle P-I. In Fort Worth it is the Star-Telegram. To be blunt and to the point, Washington has a much higher high school graduation rate, much higher number of college graduates, Seattle leads the nation in number of book readers and I'll just say that the quality of the P-I reflects the quality of its readers. And so does the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Okay, the above may be ever so slightly rude. But everything I opined is true.

The Seattle P-I or Seattle Times could not get away with verbiage along the line that this that or the other thing in Seattle was making the rest of the world green with envy. Until a few years ago this type verbiage was chronic in the Star-Telegram.

Eventually I made a webpage of examples of the unfortunate Star-Telegram verbiage and titled it Green With Envy.

How does Matt know that no one held a gun to my head and told me I had to move to Texas? Because that is exactly how I came to be here, well, the gun part may be a slight exaggeration.....


Steve A said...

Actually, Pioneer Square is - a triangle. There is not a square there. Still, lots nicer than the former Sundance Quare parking lot.

Steve A said...

BTW, Matt should know that the rude drivers come from Oklahoma, which is technically north of Texas. Seattle drivers are generally considered polite, except the ones who moved north from California. Southern California is NOT north of Texas, they both having been acquired from Mexico.

Durango said...

Steve A---That is pretty amusing that Pioneer Square is not square. I dunno if renaming it to more accurately reflect its shape would be a good idea. Pioneer Triangle just does not sound right. Nor does Pioneer Triangle Square, or Pioneer Square Triangle. Nor does Sundance Square Plaza.....