Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In The Dallas Cowboy Stadium Watching Belgium Beat The USA With Chicken & Waffles

Well, my record is intact.

I tried to make it through an entire soccer game, but I failed. So watching the Seattle Sounders first soccer game way back in the last century remains the only time I have made it through an entire soccer game.

I actually enjoyed the experience of watching the USA and Belgium soccering on the Dallas Cowboy stadium's biggest screen in the world.

For awhile.

Then I had to find other venues of entertainment. Like text messaging. And people watching.

In the photo above I am following the throng heading into the stadium. I was more than a bit surprised at how many people availed themselves of this opportunity to attend this event. But there were obstacles, such as that documented below.

Obstacles such as going through a security check of the sort one goes through to board an airplane. I passed security effortlessly. But, Big Ed, with his arms in the air above, had all sorts of issues. He had items confiscated, such as a water bottle.

The USA/Belgium soccer match seemed to be a very patriotic affair. I don't recollect ever seeing so much red, white and blue. And I know I have never in person heard the "USA" chant at a sporting event. It becomes sort of annoying after hearing "USA" chanted a few hundred times. And who was the chanting for? The USA team playing soccer in Brazil could not hear it.

I found the guys below, seated to the right of me, to be highly amusing. Note their seat saving method. The seats were saved for a gaggle of girls. When the gaggle of girls arrived they seemed to mostly ignore the gaggle of guys behind them.

Among the people I texted whilst combating my soccer boredom was my sister in Arizona. I mentioned to my sister that I was being surrounded by people eating chicken and waffles. With the waffles shaped like Texas. I texted a photo of this to my sister. The chicken and waffles were heavily promoted, such as below via the big screen.

I must admit the chicken and waffles did look tasty. But waffles shaped like Texas? That is just weird.

Anyway, below is a short video of a little bit of my experience today watching a soccer game's regular time end in a tie, then watching Belgium scoring a point in over time. And then another point. Which had the masses bailing, including me.

I later learned that before the game was over the USA managed to score a point....

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Steve A said...

I saw that Sounders game as well. We were both lucky they didn't implode the Kingdome that day.