Monday, July 21, 2014

A 105 Degree HOT Walk Around Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake

In the picture you are standing on the bridge over the very dry Fosdick Falls, looking southeast across Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

Swimming this morning, early, was quite refreshing. Walking around Fosdick Lake, not so much.

While the temperature whilst walking was a relatively cool 89 degrees, the extreme humidity had that 89 degrees really feeling like 105, which you can see documented via the graphic I gleaned from my computer based temperature monitoring device.

A slightly cooling breeze blew across Fosdick Dam, providing a momentary bit of heat relief which lasted only whilst I was on the dam.

As you can see below, via the aforementioned gleaned graphic our brief bout of frigid temperatures is over, likely not to return til fall returns.

I made a HOT video in the shade while standing on the west side of Fosdick Lake. Some ducks seemed to think I was there to give them something tasty to eat.

Speaking of something tasty to eat, it is time I make myself some lunch...

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