Friday, July 18, 2014

Shivering This Morning With A Record Breaking Texas Low Of 66

The last time it was this cold on this date at my current location was way back in the last century, in 1945, with this morning being one degree cooler than that day in 1945, thus breaking the record.

Before getting horizontal last night I made sure the A/C was turned off. But I left the ceiling fan spinning.

At some point in the middle of the night I woke up feeling icily cold, as if the A/C was on and set way too low. I then turned the ceiling fan off and got some relief from the chill without having to resort to firing up the furnace.

The pool was way warmer than the air this morning.

Normally my attire is minimalist this time of year whilst sitting in front of my computer screen. Currently I am covered top and bottom, all the way to the ultra top, with my usually only in winter wool cap installed.

And still I shiver.

I have not been this cold this time of year since I spent a miserable month in Washington, July 20 til August 20, 2008. I shivered pretty much that entire month, and not entirely just from being way too cold.

I recollect flying out of Love Field in a Sunday afternoon with the air heated to something like 107. I landed in Seattle and exited the airport to the outdoor air to find it cooled to something like our Texas air is cooled to today, as in in the 60s.

This just ain't normal to go from 101 a couple days ago to only 34 degrees above freezing.

I do not know what I am going to do for my regularly scheduled bout of outdoor endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation today. Maybe I will see if Village Creek went into flash flood mode, closing the park entrance. I could use a thing or two from ALDI....

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Steve A said...

Currently, it is 57 in Ocean Shores.