Monday, April 17, 2017

Hot Humid Wildflowers Before Arctic Chill

I have been having myself a day of computer aggravation. I shan't bore you or myself with the details.

Suffice to say the upper limits of my blood pressure have been tested.

Around noon, not realizing the outer world was HOT, extremely humid and almost totally wind-free, I decided to go on a walk south on the Circle Trail.

The walk south turned into a short walk south due to that aforementioned unexpected HOT humid thing.

Just yesterday I mentioned the shortage of wildflowers coloring up the landscape at my location in North Texas, particularly the total absence of the State Wildflower of Texas, the Bluebonnet.

Well, today, just a short distance south of my abode I came upon the colorful spread of wildflowers you above.

But again, no Bluebonnets.

About an hour after my return to my abode the wind suddenly began howling from the north. The wind from the north brought a quick drop in temperature. It is no longer HOT and humid.

Today I was the closest yet this year to firing up the air-conditioning, but then that Arctic blast from the north arrived, putting off for another day the beginning of this year's cooling season...

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