Thursday, April 27, 2017

The End Of The American Empire Walking Along Muddy Wichita River

My time with the American Empire ran out today, so I returned it to the Wichita Falls Public Library in beautiful downtown Wichita Falls.

Since I was in the neighborhood and feeling in dire need of a scenic communing with nature, and what with the weather being absolutely perfect for a stroll along a river, after ending my time with the American Empire I headed to Lucy Park.

The Wichita River is running high today. I don't recollect all that much rain of late to account for such an increase in water flow, and the resulting red mud which colors the Wichita River like flowing  rust.

One would think that after so many eons of water flowing over red dirt that the supply would about be exhausted, and thus no longer available for turning the Wichita River and its partner a short distance north, the Red River, into such colorful Mother Nature in action displays.

I walked along the Wichita River til I reached the location of Wichita Falls, currently being Wichita Dry Falls, with the falls not falling water, due to the pumps which enable the falls not liking it when the Wichita River goes into muddy mode, and thus are turned off for the duration of the excess muddy high water.

I think Wichita Dry Falls is still scenic, even without the water falling.

Months ago I read that work was to be done on the bridge across the falls and the section of the Circle Trail which leads from the falls to head under the nearby freeway.

The article where I learned about the  planned Wichita Falls remodeling indicated the project was to begin shortly, and would not take long  to complete. Now, many many months later nothing seems to have been  done to the bridge or the Circle Trail.

Did Wichita Falls make the mistake of hiring the same inept contractor Fort Worth hired to build three simple bridges over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island?  I hope not.  But what is the explanation for this stalled project?

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