Thursday, April 13, 2017

David, Theo & Ruby With Grandma & Grandpa In Arizona

Last week my Favorite Nephews David and Theo and my one and only Favorite Niece, Ruby, took their parental units to Arizona to visit their Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack, along with their cousins, my Favorite Nephews Christopher and Jeremy.

Oh, they visited their Uncle Jake, too.

In the first photo you are in Aunt Jackie's backyard, with David, Ruby and Theo having a campfire powwow between dips in the pool.

I had the best of intentions to be in Arizona during the time frame of David, Theo and Ruby's visit, but my best intentions did not get me there.

Yesterday the twins and David's mother, my Favorite Sister Michele, emailed me seven or eight photos taken during last week's Arizona visit.

Four of those seven or eight photos are what you are looking at here.

I am guessing the following three photos were taken Sunday, at the brunch in Aunt Jackie's backyard, prior to flying back to Washington, hence the goodbye hugs with Grandpa and Grandma.

That would be David giving Grandpa a goodbye hug, with Grandma awaiting goodbye hugs in the foreground.

Next up it was Theo's turn to say goodbye to Grandpa.

And then Ruby giving a goodbye hug to Grandma, with Theo looking on and Aunt Jackie standing in the patio door behind Theo.

Are these not among the cutest kids you've ever seen?

David, Theo and Ruby are big Disneyland fans. When asked which was more fun, Disneyland or Arizona with Aunt Jackie and Grandma and Grandpa, the unanimous verdict was that both Disneyland and Aunt Jackie's were equally fun, but in different ways.

I think Ruby may be a politician in the making. I was hoping to do a video interview with Ruby regarding her opinions about Donald Trump....

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