Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Hospitalized Dad Has The Family Jungle Drums Beating

The Jones Family jungle drums, along with the Slotemaker Family jungle drums, have been busy beating across America today, starting early this morning.

My dad, Spencer Jack's namesake and great-grandpa, Jack, had a bad fall a couple days ago.

This was not the first bad fall in recent months.

Dad has been in the hospital since the fall, under observation, getting tested. Apparently dehydration is an issue. And now, whilst on my way to ALDI, my sister, Jackie, texted me with the good news that dad is being admitted for further care which apparently is a relief  because being admitted for further care was not a done deal, until it was a done deal.

This morning, my little sister, Michele, mother of my Favorite Nephews David and Theo and my one and only Favorite Niece, Ruby, flew to Arizona to help.

My Favorite Cousin Scott mentioned seeing a not too happy photo on Facebook this morning. I then mentioned I'd not seen this not too happy photo. My Favorite Cousin Scott then sent me the photo, which is what you see above.

This type thing is what I mean by jungle drums. High tech jungle drums.

Meanwhile, I am feeling worthless and un-helpful a thousand miles away, in Texas....

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