Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Questionable Washington Driftwood From Spencer Jack

Incoming email from Spencer Jack and my Favorite Nephew Jason.

Subject line: Driftwood Photo Request

The email including four photos of driftwood on a Washington beach, one of which is that which you see here, with Spencer Jack looking at you through a hole in a chunk of driftwood.

Do Texas beaches on the Gulf Coast get littered with driftwood? I suspect not, what with there not being a lot of streams flowing in from forested mountains.

Reading the following text in the email I eventually figured out that these particular driftwood photos were taken on Guemes Island, one of the smaller San Juan Islands, accessed via ferry from Anacortes, that being the town where Spencer Jack has his Fidalgo Drive-In with its world famous hamburgers and blackberry milkshakes.

I do recollect that last summer, my dad made me stop the car so he could take a picture of a lone piece of driftwood that he believes was the one you two enjoyed playing on as children. Spencer and I were looking for a larger pile in Birch Bay, such as the pile Spencer and I found today after school when he took me over to Guemes Island to beach comb.

That is a lot of driftwood.

Regarding driftwood, the majority of this particular text message regarded the search for a specific chunk of driftwood at Birch Bay, up north in Whatcom County, a few miles south of the Canadian border.

You have asked me on multiple occasions to send you a photo of Spencer playing on the Birch Bay driftwood.   Spencer and I attempted to locate at Birch Bay what I thought would be a massive collection of driftwood that one could not miss on multiple occasions.  

I believe I reported back to you years ago that I could not find the driftwood that you spoke of playing on as a child, only a chunk here and there scattered around the shoreline of Birch Bay near the state park.

My Favorite Nephew Jason is much too young to be having age related memory loss. How did he forget that he and his dad and Spencer Jack did find that chunk of Birch Bay driftwood, the finding of which he mentioned in the same email he says he and Spencer Jack were unable to find that illusive chunk of driftwood?   I blogged about the finding of this chunk of driftwood multiple times.

Awakened By A Thud Before Finding Photo Of Birch Bay Driftwood

Birch Bay Driftwood Confirmation From Lynden Via Tacoma

Going Down A Birch Bay Water Slide With Spencer Jack Looking For A Big Chunk Of Driftwood
Going To Birch Bay In Washington With My Nephew Spencer Jack

I will end this blogging with a look at that chunk of Birch Bay driftwood which I thought was fun to climb on when I was a few years younger, way back in the previous century....

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