Friday, April 7, 2017

On Circle Trail With Flowers Going Wild While Jet Fighters Roar

What with another balmy spring day, with the sun shining over a bright blue cloud-free sky, I decided to have myself a bout of outdoor fresh air exposure along with getting some endorphins via aerobic stimulation.

About a mile into getting those endorphins I came upon the giant pink wildflowers you see here.

Actually those are not giant flowers, but are actually dainty wildflowers which I believe are known as pink primroses.

Or maybe pink evening primroses now that you are causing me to think more about it.

I got close to the wildflowers with the camera in macro mode to take the primrose portrait you see above.

Whilst walking today I heard and saw more jet fighters doing their practice thing out of Sheppard Air Force Base than I recollect ever hearing or seeing at any time previous. I assume this increased activity has nothing to do with Syria.

Well, it is time for lunch, Chinese themed, cooked in a wok, which I hope I don't cause to go into flame mode...


Steve A said...

The aircraft you see flying out of Sheppard are not usually fighters. Mostly, they are T-38 trainers that were built by Northrop back when JFK was President. They carry no guns or missiles. The T-38 was the first aircraft I worked on when I went to work for Northrop. For many years, they formed the USAF Thunderbird Aerobatic team until the F-16s, built in Fort Worth, took over. I was always happy to see T-38s from Sheppard come to Fort Worth Alliance Airport. It somehow seemed more like home there when planes from Northrop arrived. In my post at a T-38 based at Sheppard is featured in the third photo down.

Durango said...

Steve A---- Thanks for the aircraft info. Sure were a lot of them making noise today. Only rarely can I find them when I hear them. I am airplane ignorant, so figured I could not see the noisemakers because they must be those newfangled invisible Stealth type planes.