Monday, April 24, 2017

When In Fort Worth Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before The Swine

The last day or two, a time or two, whilst finding myself making a comment or two, to a person or two or three, on Facebook, that Biblical admonition about being careful about where one throws ones pearls came to mind.

I do not know why a Biblical admonition would come to mind, what with it being a long long time since I looked at a Bible of any denomination or religion.

Exchanges of opinions are a wonderful thing when one is exchanging opinions with ones in possession of these things called facts and who have open minds and a basic understanding of things like history, civics, science and politics.

Indulging the opinions of those with no basic understanding of things like history, civics, science and politics is like getting recipes from someone who does not know how to boil water or directions from a blind person.

Apparently I am in a bad mood at a low ebb of my usual high tolerance level of swine.

I actually like pigs. If I lived out in the country I would like to have a pet pig. And a couple fainting goats.

Tomorrow I am venturing to one of America's Hearts of Darkness. I hope to make it back out of there without too much aggravation. I will avoid Fort Worth except for a brief stop at two locations in far east Fort Worth...

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Anonymous said...

When in Cowtown you could visit the Airfield Falls trailhead and the completed C-9 aircraft sculpture. The sculpture is the Tarrant Regional Water District's salute to the VR-61 Islanders out of Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island. The Texas — PNW connection is strong with this one.

The Airfield Falls Trailhead is on the West Fork of the Trinity River in Westworth Village near NAS Fort Worth.