Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spencer Jack Gambles With Tulalip Orcas

Incoming this morning via email from Spencer Jack and his dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason.

Two photos along with this message...


Spencer Jack took me on an after school adventure to Marysville.

We spotted 3 Orcas and countless tribal gaming machines.

Thought you'd enjoy the photos.


Marysville is a town about 35 miles south of Spencer Jack's home abode of Mount Vernon. Prior to moving to Arizona, Marysville was the home zone of my Favorite Nephews Christopher and Jeremy, better known as CJ and JR.

The Tulalip Resort Casino is one of Washington's biggest casino complexes.

The Tulalip's are also host to one of the biggest fireworks selling complexes in Washington, and the world. This explosive Tulalip operation is called Boom City Fireworks.

There are a couple tribal casinos close to my current Texas abode, about 15 miles north, across the Red River, in Oklahoma.

The Kiowa Red River Casino, and the Comanche Red River Hotel Casino.

Since I have been at my current Wichita Falls location I have not ventured across the Red River into Oklahoma Indian Territory to visit the Kiowa and Comanche tribe's casinos.

Since I have not visited either of my nearby casinos I do not know if either have any Orca Pods frolicking for casino goers. But, I suspect not.

It is likely the closest Orcas to be found at this part of the planet are to the south a few hundred miles, in San Antonio, at Sea World.

In the short message about visiting the Tulalip Orcas and gaming machines no mention was made of whether or not there was any slot machine playing.

The summer prior to me moving to Texas Spencer Jack's dad and uncle, my Favorite Nephew Joey, took me to Las Vegas, where they made me their surrogate gambler, directing me at Keno and Video Poker.

I suspect Spencer Jack is continuing the family tradition of surreptitious gambling, using his dad as a surrogate...

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