Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Not Picking Big Heads Of Wichita Falls Wild Cauli Flowers

Yesterday, I had a hot humid walk before an incoming Arctic chill where I discovered, a short distance south of my abode, a colorful field of wild looking flowers.

Today, I walked again on the Wichita Falls Circle Trail, where a short distance north I found what looked to be what you see here, a field of what, until an expert corrects me, I am calling Wild White Cauli Flowers.

I hope one of the two renowned horticulturists of my acquaintance, Miss Misty of Texoma or Miss Julie of Fort Worth, is able to correctly identify these big white bloomers if they are not actually known as Wild White Cauli Flowers.

As you can also see in the Cauli Flower picture, Spring has greened up this formerly drought stricken part of the planet, while water drips through Holliday Creek, slowly ambling through Holliday Gorge on its way to meet up with the muddy red Wichita River.

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