Friday, September 13, 2013

Blobfish Declared Mascot Of Ugly Animal Preservation Society After Worldwide Vote

Earlier today I wondered why a blogging from a couple weeks ago titled A Blobfish Sent To Texas From The Pacific Northwest was showing up on my blog stats.

This afternoon I learned the reason why this Friday the 13th of 2013 has generated interest in the blobfish.

Today on CNN online there is an article titled Blobfish declared world's ugliest animal in which among what we read is....

With the grandiloquence befitting such an occasion, Simon Watt, the British biologist, television personality and "president for life" of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, made the long-anticipated announcement Thursday night.

"The votes have been counted and verified," said Watt. "The mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society is ... the blobfish!"

The blobfish came to my attention, long ago, when someone suggested to me that blobfish bore an uncanny resemblance to a human of our acquaintance.

Now, to me, I think the blobfish is one of those critters that is so ugly it is almost cute. As in almost a cuddly ball of slimy gelatinous goo, with beady eyes and a BIG nose.

Even though I think the blobfish is so ugly it is cute, it pleases me that it is getting the ugly recognition and reputation, it richly deserves....

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Anonymous said...

You are so very good at poetic license.