Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amarillo This Morning Had Me Time Warping Over A Decade

In the picture you are looking at the Texas Panhandle whilst heading southeast towards Dallas/Fort Worth on Highway 287, a few miles past Amarillo.

This photo was taken in early September of 2001. I was returning from a solo roadtrip to Washington for my mom and dad's 50th Anniversary, along with a few other reasons for the trek north.

The past month or two I have been appalled a time or two as I go through my webpages altering the code. Some of these webpages were made whilst I was still in Washington, making some of them maybe 15 years old, or older.

So, what has appalled me? Well, for one thing, it appalls me how many of the webpages I have totally forgotten making. Even ones made in the last 5 years. Like I have no memory of making such a detailed webpage about Austin for my Regions of Texas part of my Eyes on Texas website.

Apparently I webpaged in antiquated framed style my 2001 roadtrip to Washington. That is where I found the Texas Panhandle photo.

Another thing that has appalled me is reading things I long ago wrote and realizing how much much of my attitude towards Texas has changed over the years. Some of what I wrote seems a bit embarrassing to me now, to read, years later.

The text that I wrote to go with the Texas Panhandle photo is not a good example of the old text that I have found a bit embarrassing. The Texas Panhandle text I still found to be a bit amusing....

South of Amarillo, heading towards Dallas/Fort Worth, after a month of mountains, now nary a mountain in any direction, clouds providing scenery. In the movie True Stories a character explains Texas by saying that when God made the earth He worked hard, making mountains and oceans and valleys and trees and all manner of scenic wonder to please Man, but by the time He got to Texas He was tired and didn't have any energy left to do anything with the land. And so He left it that way. And then had to make a special type of Man who liked it that way, and so God invented the Texan....

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Amarillo - get your kicks on Route 66!