Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rolling Through Gateway Park With Dozens Of Fort Worth Cops Thinking About Muffins

My handlebars were rolled to my favorite Gateway Park photo opportunity site today for the first time since last week's deluge left some muddy trails in its wake.

Looking at the center of the picture it appears I caught a big white bird in flight.


I do not see many seagulls in this far from any sea location I am currently in.

The first section of the Gateway Park mountain bike trail exits the jungle to the park's eastern parking lot. When that parking lot came in to view so did multiple Fort Worth police cars.

Oh oh, I thought.

But, it turned out to be some sort of picnic convention of Fort Worth bicycle cops. I'd never seen so many cops with bikes before. They seemed to be behaving themselves, although they were a bit loud, at odds with the usual peaceful serenity.

Changing the subject from bike cops to muffins.

Ever since yesterday I have had muffins on the mind. I can't remember the last time I had a muffin. I don't even remember if I like muffins. I used to frequently buy a dozen muffins at Costco when I lived in Washington. At that point in time I thought they were a health food. I later learned muffins can be fattening when over indulged in.

The fact that muffins can be fattening was freshly revealed to me yesterday when I learned that the mysterious weight gain of someone I used to know as slim is likely caused by excess muffin consumption.

Since I was in the neighborhood I went to Town Talk after I was done rolling my wheels. I was hoping I'd find a Town Talk muffin, but all I got was what I needed. Tortillas, cheese, chicken and guacamole.

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Anonymous said...

I make very good muffins...and banana bread. Come to WA. already.