Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Dry Saturday Gateway Park Mountain Bike Ride Before Getting Wet In A Thunderstorm

In the pool this morning looking up at the cloudy sky was a bit dizzying, with the wind blowing a lower level of wispy clouds at a high speed, whilst a thicker layer of clouds, at a higher level, seemed to be moving in the opposite direction.

I assumed the confused cloud movement was an optical illusion.

By the time this Saturday morning when the time came to roll my motorized wheels to Gateway Park for my regularly scheduled rolling of my non-motorized wheels, a  few drips of wetness had made it to earth.

I'd decided to take the extreme risk that I might find myself rolling my wheels in a downpour and opted to stick with the mountain bike ride plan.

That extreme risk turned out not to be risky. No drippage fell on me or the trails while I was rolling.

As you can see via the view from my regularly scheduled Gateway Park photo op location, we are seeing some stormy skies today in North Texas.

After I concluded a dry, but rather humid, mountain bike trail tour I continued on to Town Talk were  I got myself a couple dozen Chiquita  bananas, along with some other good stuff.

When I exited Town Talk the sky was looking very stormy to the north, but much brighter heading east, which is the direction of my abode. When I got a clear view to the north I saw a very dark wall cloud which reminded me of the tornado wall cloud I saw way back in the year 2000 when I was heading to downtown Fort Worth. That day I was not long on the road before I got a call telling me not to come to downtown Fort Worth, that tornadoes were touching down.

So far, today, I have heard no tornado sirens.

But, as I made my way the 5 miles from Town Talk to my abode, what had been a bright view to the east had darkened. With about a mile to go I was driving in a downpour. Then I took a right to head south for a half a mile and left the rain. But it caught up to me again by the time I reached my parking spot. By the time I got under cover the downpour had reached my abode, along with thunderous thunder booming.

Currently the downpouring and thunderous booming has stopped. I suspect this is just a break with more rain and thunder to come.


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

We had a horrible downpour and wind yesterday, and some today. No tornado sirens went off here either.

Durango said...

Betty Jo, when it gets really stormy don't forget to have your hearing aid turned on so that you can hear the tornado sirens if they go off. At our advanced age it is easy to forget to turn on our hearing aids because the quiet is so peaceful....