Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Squishy Mountain Bike Ride At River Legacy Park With Noodles

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, I heard one singular loud thunder boom. No precipitation. No wind. Just a loud boom.

Today I rolled my motorized wheels to Arlington to River Legacy Park. When I reached Arlington, on Green Oaks Boulevard, I began noticing some water pooling at the side of the road.

I assumed this water pooling was just some more water wastage in this water rich part of the planet.

Then I arrived at River Legacy Park and saw more water puddling on the side of the road.

I was starting to think Arlington saw some rain dropping yesterday.

When I began to roll my bike wheels I saw more water puddling on the paved trail.  When I reached the west end of the paved trail, which is currently my entry point to the mountain bike trail, avoiding the tricky eastern entry, it was clearly obvious rain had fallen, because the dirt of the mountain bike trail had clearly recently seen water, though not muddy, the trail was still a bit tacky and squishy.

A tacky, soft mountain bike trail makes for an additional endorphin inducing bit of aerobic stimulation. In other words, I was a HOT sweaty mess by the time I took the above picture of my handlebars on a trail in the River Legacy Park jungle.

Changing the subject from the River Legacy Park jungle to noodles.

I had me a hankering for Chinese food for lunch. But, when I found myself in making lunch mode I found no rice in my food storage zone. But, I did find whole wheat noodles. I recollected remembering that it was Marco Polo who introduced pasta noodles to Italy, bringing noodles back with him, from China, during one of his infamous treks.

So, I made an onion, carrot, chicken, egg, pickled ginger stir fry, soy sauced that concoction up sweet and sour-wise, mixed the stir fry with the noodles and now, having finished with lunch, I'm thinking noodles are my new rice as far as Chinese stir-fry goes.


Connie said...

Hey-- LoMein, right?

Durango said...

I dunno complicated gastro-terminology, Miss Connie. LoMein? HiMein? All I know is I liked noodles mixed with stir fry.