Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Proof Timothy Nold Is Not A Tax Deadbeat While Marty Leonard Is A Lying Slanderess

The Dallas Observer article A Tarrant County Water Fight Descends into the Slop with the Help of a Dallas Hotel Magnate, in which I learned I am a rollerblading Fort Worth blogger, included the below paragraph.

The responses on behalf of the incumbents have run the gamut from cheery missives from Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price to quasi-slanderous hit pieces.

I would say some of the incumbents' responses are out and out slanderous, not quasi-slanderous.

Like TRWD board member, Marty Leonard's hit piece where the self-entitled Dowager Heiress slandered TWRD board candidate, Timothy Nold, by claiming he was a tax deadbeat being sued by the TRWD.

Minutes ago I was emailed the document you see above, from Tarrant County Tax Assessor, Ron Wright, in which it rather clearly indicates that Timothy Nold owes no delinquent taxes.

How does one fix the damage done when a morally bankrupt person, like Marty Leonard, allows her name to be attached to lies and innuendo?

Well, you certainly do not re-elect them. And in the case of Marty Leonard, you publicly shame the disgraced person into resigning from the office she clearly is morally not fit to hold.

Has Marty Leonard apologized  for slandering Timothy Nold? If so, I withdraw my characterizing her as being morally bankrupt and unfit to hold office.

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