Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Memorable Words From TRWD's Marty Leonard & Jim Oliver About Unqualified Losers

No, that is not Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, standing on the overlook in downtown Fort Worth's boarded up eyesore of a monument to Fort Worth's history, known as Heritage Park.

That is not James Bond, it is James Oliver, and unlike 007, more often than not he is called Jim, rather than James.

Jim Oliver is not a secret agent, of the legitimate kind, what he is is the General Manager of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Before I get to some unfortunately memorable words uttered by Jim Oliver I want to mention some unfortunately memorable words uttered by a TRWD Board Member, the Self-Entitled Dowager Heiress, Marty Leonard.

I read in the Star-Telegraph an interesting conversation Clyde Picht had with Marty Leonard...

Just had a brief conversation with Marty, the pot calling the kettle black, Leonard.

Ms. Leonard is a member of the board of the TRWD. Marty sent a letter to voters decrying the qualifications and character of challengers, Basham, Nold, and Kelleher and she complained of their "negative" campaigning.

I reminded Marty the she was no more qualified than B, N & K when she first ran. Her claim to worthiness was that she read and saved a lot of articles on water. Whoopee!

Well, now we know why the Dowager Heiress, Marty Leonard, felt so entitled to be on the TRWD Board. She read and saved a lot of articles about water. I bet those unqualified upstarts, Basham, Nold and Kelleher, have not read and saved nearly as many articles about water as has Marty Leonard.

B-N-K should concede immediately.

Now back to Jim Oliver.

I was appalled, appalled I tell you, to read the following, today, from TRWD candidate, John Basham...

On May 6, 2013 I confronted TRWD General Manager Jim Oliver (by email) with my concerns that district employees were illegally using district equipment & facilities to campaign for my opponents. Mr. Oliver responded by calling me an "uneducated loser who has never earned a living for his [my] family and never will." He also went on to try to demean me by pointing out my bankruptcy and foreclosure (which occurred after being injured in the Army National Guard - When I could not walk and the Army didn't pay me for four years. I have this email exchange with Mr. Oliver and will post have it posted on the website no later than tomorrow along with some other interesting emails (Star-Telegram stuff). If the District Manager of the TRWD is this blatantly arrogant at dismissing these allegations and then trying to degrade me through libel with no fear of retribution, who is running the TRWD? - John Austin Basham

Mr. Oliver called someone running for the TRWD board an uneducated loser? Among other uncalled for things?

Methinks if the B-N-K Triumvirate Gang of Three gets elected to the TRWD Board on Saturday, one of their first acts should be to remove Jim Oliver from his job with the TRWD.

I do not know what it is that  Jim Oliver does for the TRWD, but, even so, I would like to offer my services for his position. I understand the TRWD has a long history of hiring people with absolutely no qualifications to positions for which they are totally unqualified.

J.D. Granger comes to mind.

I am willing to take over Jim Oliver's job at half his salary. As long as I get unlimited use of the luxurious helicopter...


Anonymous said...

The helicopter is not luxurious. It's a 4 seater. Get your facts staight

Durango said...

Anonymous, you might want to get your sarcasm/irony detector checked.

The TRWD helicopter and its relative level of luxuriousness, whether its seats are leather, or not, and how many seats the copter has has been a ridiculous bone of contention in this election, with most of the ridiculousness coming from the incumbent side, acting like suggesting this helicopter is a luxury, due to being used to fly to a private hunting preserve, is the most horrendous smear in the history of elections.

And another thing, if your mode of transport is a horse and buggy and you see your neighbor tooling about in a Model T, you likely would refer to your neighbor's mode of transport as being luxurious.

Anonymous said...


It's me, the new-blood supporting Anon. I just wanted to fire back at the person claiming the helicopter isn't luxurious:

Buying a $440,000 dollar helicopter when a $50,000 dollar 4 wheel drive truck would suffice is very luxury.. but I'm assuming most of the dirty board members are used to their Beamers and Benzs and wouldn't know how to drive a 4wd pickup...

Anonymous said...

This article is a couple years old, but still quite applicable today. The concern should be for the type of people we've allowed to control one of our most valuable assets. The helicopter debate is just plain ignorant and takes away from the real problem. The helicopter is a very useful tool for the TRWD. The real problem is with the lack of regard TRWD officials have for their constituents, the obvious cover ups, lack of transparency, and out-of-control nepotism... just to name a few.