Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fort Worth's George's Specialty Foods Closes To Challenge Chesapeake Attempt To Abuse Eminent Domain To Steal Their Property

I was looking through FW Weekly a few minutes ago, in the restaurant section, when I saw an ad for George's Specialty Foods, it being a Greek type place in West Fort Worth on White Settlement Road.

In the ad, George's Specialty Foods is telling its customers that they are closed for the purpose of challenging Texas Midstream, which is an alias of the evil entity known as Chesapeake Energy, on the process of eminent domain being abused to take their property.

I'd not heard of this latest Chesapeake abuse of eminent domain in Fort Worth.

So, I Googled "George's Specialty Foods Chesapeake Eminent Domain."

I found nothing.

Is Chesapeake trying to run a non-odorized natural gas pipeline under George's property? Or take land for a drilling site?

Does the George Family know what sort of living hell fighting Chesapeake Energy can bring down on them? Chesapeake may order its stoolies in the city government of Fort Worth to run a few Gestapo Raids on their store, like what was done on Carter Avenue when one of the bravest Texans in Fort Worth  fought back when Chesapeake tried to ram a non-odorized natural gas pipeline under his home.

Does the George Family know you can not fight this in court? Because you will be trying to have a fair fight in what is a corrupted courtroom. Where judges blatantly lie and mislead and always side with Chesapeake and its City of Fort Worth lapdogs. If you aren't careful you might even find that Chesapeake has finagled a bogus lawyer to represent you, without your knowledge, which will lead to all sorts of pain trying to untangle the mess.

So, does anyone know what Chesapeake is up to, abusing eminent domain to steal the George family land? When a well known local restaurant closes in protest, why is this not news in the local newspaper of record? Oh, that's right, I forgot. There isn't one.


Don Young said...

Nice scoop. I don't think the Weekly staffers aught it.

TXsharon said...

CHK strikes again. I wonder how we can help these folks.

Anonymous said...

Bud Kennedy's posted the George's ad from your blog on his Eats Beat Facebook page.

Jim Bowe said...

Now that all the bad publicity generated for two years by the Carter Ave. pipeline fight has come to an end, it appears that the gas drillers and the city need to make up for lost time and start putting those gathering pipelines in ASAP.

That sector of gas drilling operations officially employed the outgoing TRR commissioner Victor Carillo as a consultant a few weeks ago---even while he's still in office. They also must hurry up b/c the legislators are fixing to meet next year and their man's prospect for another term as ruler, uh "mayor", of FW is not as secure as before.

Gathering pipelines and eminent domain abuse appear to be the new hot issue in 2011.

I guess we can help these business folks the same way we helped the residents on and near Carter Ave.: by keeping the story in front of the public and uniting to raise funds for legal defense. Not sure how much was raised to help those people on Carter st. fight for so long and then win an impossible victory. There must have been tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars collected in order to pay for a team of legal specialists to work on the case for two years.

Whatever money left from that Carter Ave. pipeline legal defense fund should be used to support these folks--if they want the help or their lawyer/s approve, of course. It would seem that these business owners have more financial resources than the working class folks on Carter, but they are going to need all the help they can get in going up against a multi-billion dollar corporation and its close city allies, though.

Stacy said...

I agree with Jim that it's going to take more than just one business to fight this. Money will soon run out if other business/property owners don't join the fight, or if people in the area don't donate money. These types of cases are so difficult to fight, because utility companies do have eminent domain authority as their projects typically serve a "public use".

Another example of people coming together to raise money to fight government is Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn ( Check out their site. This organization was developed from the donations of hundreds and thousands of people who wanted to stop the Empire State Development Corp. from acquiring property for the Atlantic Yards Project. Sometimes, it seems like it takes an army to stop these projects.