Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tandy Tulips Sort Of Coloring Up The Tandy Hills Before A Possible Big Storm

Like I said couple days ago, the Tandy Hills Prairie finally got the memo telling the sleepy Wildflowers that it was time to wake up and add color to the place.

As you can see, the Tandy Hills Wildflowers are doing a good job of it. I don't recollect the Prairie being quite this lush and green before. A big benefit of a wet Fall and Winter. I guess.

And just in time for Saturday's 2010 Prairie Fest.

The current weather forecast is casting a little potential cloud over Saturday's Big Event.

A really big, really strong weather system is advancing from the West. It is due to potentially hit the Tandy Hills on Friday, with the storming ending by Saturday morning.

From my limited experience with the reliability of weather forecasting in these parts, I'll believe the storm when I see it. There are too many variables that come in to play, here, that can drastically alter a forecast.

I saw a new Wildflower today that was not coloring up the Tandy Hills. Due to being white. Is white a color? I guess it is. Well, actually it was predominantly white, with a pink center. This Wildflower looked sort of like a miniature tulip.

So, while awaiting proper identification, I am calling this Wildflower a Tandy Tulip.

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DON YOUNG said...

That's a Winecup. In this case, Chablis. Tandy Hills also has pink and purple.

Pray hard for No Rain!