Friday, April 23, 2010

The Queen Of Wink Is Alive And Well Out In The Wilds Of West Texas

In the past few weeks I have received multiple queries regarding the Queen of Wink, due to the Queen's sudden absence, in various subject's email inboxes, and the lack of updating of the Queen of Wink's blog.

Well, I am happy to let you know that, though there have been some nefarious shenanigans going on in the Queen's Wink Realm, the Queen's Reign is secure.

And she has been very busy.

The Queen worked hard to put on a Big Benefit that took place on April 10. The goal of this benefit was to raise funds for a Winkonian, named Erika Berry, who had been hit with a lot of medical bills due to serious medical woes.

The Queen of Wink's Realm only has about 1,000 subjects. Yet those subjects were able to raise $7,270. That is impressive.

Fort Worth has a population of over 700,000. I am terrible at math, but, if my calculating is correct, for Fort Worth to match the Wink level of generosity, in a Benefit Event, $5,089,000 would be raised.

What if Fort Worth had such a benefit to raise a Support Fund so that legal representation could be hired to help the legion of victims in the Eminent Domain Abuse Capital of the World, Tarrant County, Texas?

Currently if one of the gas drillers, poking holes all over Tarrant County, wants your land, or to run a non-odorized, high pressure, natural gas pipeline under your house, in cahoots with the local government, the gas drillers will Abuse Eminent Domain to put you in harm's way.

With your only recourse, if you have the means, being to hire a lawyer, at your extreme expense, to try and defend yourself against the legalized act of robbery, thuggery and vandalism.

I'm thinking if a Help Stop Eminent Domain Abuse Benefit raised $5 million that a very competent law firm could be hired that could wreak havoc with the current government sanctioned abuse that takes place in these law-challenged parts.

Perhaps the Queen of Wink could be convinced to lend her expertise to such an effort.

Then again, it seems that the Queen of Wink has her hands full currently keeping order in her own Realm.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

It was quite an amazing event and did our lady, Erika, a lot of good. Not only did the benefit raise needed funds, but...more than that...Erika felt the support from ALL her friends and family. I have the summer maybe, I could put together such an event. Of course, I'd need my number one cohort in such an undertaking...are you game, Mr. Durango?

Durango said...

CT2---I am always game for any undertaking that you are taking under.