Monday, April 26, 2010

Musing About The Amusing Betty Jo Bouvier While Passing Time In Texas

I don't think I have seen Betty Jo Bouvier, in person, since some point in the Summer of 1991.

Betty Jo lives in the Skagit Valley where she is known as one of the Wild Women of Woolley. I used to live in the Skagit Valley, before I moved to Texas. I don't think Betty Jo had become a Wild Women of Woolley while I was still living in the Skagit Valley. I think I would have heard about it.

Over the weekend Betty Jo went to a birthday party for the mom of one of our dear ol' friends from our school years, Linda R., who I also don't think I've seen since 1991, though I have talked to her on the phone, actually in this century.

Earlier, Betty Jo falsely reported that Linda R.'s mom's birthday was her 90th. That was way off. Betty Jo can be a bit of a ditz, I suppose the ditziness may be a holdover from her Hippie Girl Phase.

Betty Jo was a real cute Hippie. Although, I found the blonde Hippie Hair disorienting, due to the fact that Betty Jo is a brunette, not a blonde, though she does have some blonde tendencies, such as overly aging Linda R.'s mom.

My memory is quite vague about a lot of things, I know Betty Jo and I used to do a lot of fun things. But, except for a few details, most of it is lost to my failing memory. We both had Mustangs. Betty Jo's was a newer model, but mine was cooler, due to it being a 65 Fastback. That's all it had going for it. Betty Jo's ran more reliably.

It is because of Betty Jo I ever came to know another of my favorite Hippie characters, she being Beth Ann. Betty Jo and Beth Ann really should be Southern Girls, they both drip honey with their super sweetness. Super sweetness way back when, super sweetness now. Beth Ann is my favorite TV star. Lately she's been hanging out with George Clooney.

I've often been told I'm a ringer for George Clooney. We both have brown eyes.

Okay, that is enough of a nostalgia trip down my failing memory lane. I look forward to seeing Betty Jo and Beth Ann the next time I am in Washington. And a lot of other people.


Anonymous said...

Is that photo taken of Betty Jo from the 70's or is she still a hippy type?

Durango said...

From what I have been told, the 21st Century Betty Jo is still a latter day hippie type.

Anonymous said...

She looks spunky. I can see why you call her Wild Woman of Woolley.

Durango said...

Yes, Anonymous, very spunky.

Anonymous said...

Spunky enough to hide in a trunky?

twister said...

anonymous has stalker tendencies? not that there's anything wrong with that...=)