Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looking At The Prairie Fest Cauliflower Wildflowers & Beetles

You are looking at the Prairie Fest, in the distance, today, at noon, from the top of Mount Tandy.

A lot of rain fell last night. And a thunderclap or two banged loud.

I knew the Tandy Hills trails would be muddy. But I needed to aerobicize myself. Doctor's orders. Combating my high blood pressure, elevated, due to a recent Toxic Person Sneak Attack causing me undue, uncalled for stress.

I figured that the two hills accessed from the top of Tandy Mountain would be dried out enough to hike without gaining height due to shoe mud buildup. I was half right.

I am feeling a lot better now that I've oxygenated my blood flow.

Elsie Hotpepper called this morning, asking how to find the Prairie Fest. And wanting to know what time I'd be making an appearance. Elsie told me she'd call again when she knew what time she and her entourage would be arriving on the Tandy Hills. That call has yet to arrive, but Elsie did make an interim call while I was on my way to go hiking, to tell me that the arrival time was still undetermined.

I saw an unusual new Wildflower today. Until I learn different I am calling it a Texas Cauliflower Wildflower.

I thought of Betty Jo Bouvier today on the Tandy Hills. Yesterday Betty Jo verbalized an aversion to my details about my encounters with Texas critters, like snakes and cockroaches.

What made me think of Betty Jo today was a big black beetle scurrying over the trail.

I wonder if this is an Ironclad Beetle? I was bombarded by Ironclad Beetles, years ago, while sitting outside, at sunset, at a Burger King in Roswell, New Mexico.


Jovan Gonzales said...

Don't you just love how gorgeous and green everything is right now!? It makes places like Tandy Hill look extra amazing. I'm assuming you've been outside a lot lately thanks to the delicious weather? That is a weird flower. I'm thinking it just hasn't bloomed? Meh. You were attacked by beetles? Is that an omen if you're in Roswell? Maybe the aliens were trying to tell you something, Dango?

Durango said...

Jovo, have not heard from you in so long it was worrying me.

This is the greenest I've seen Texas. Benefit of all that extra rain we've had, I guess.

I think you may be right, that cauliflower thing is yet to bloom.

The beetle attack was not as vexing as being covered in cockroaches.

Aliens are always trying to tell me something. I just don't listen.

Jovan Gonzales said...

I doubt you lost any sleep over it! Haha.

This is the greenest you've ever seen Texas? Hmmm. Maybe I'm used to it because I grew up in northeast Texas which gets way more rain than your area. I like it. The lake I run around is extra gorgeous and the waterfalls aren't low. They're super full right now.

You've been covered in cockroaches? EWWW!!! ("vexing" is at least a $2 word).

Just so you know, you should listen to the aliens. They might come abduct you if you don't! :p

Durango said...

No, it's true, Jovo, I was worried sick about your absence, feared something nefarious had happened to you.

I should have said it is the greenest in Texas in my memory and added the caveat that my memory is real faulty.

Being covered in cockroaches is not as bad as you might think.