Friday, April 30, 2010

Hiking The Cloudy Tandy Hills With Fort Worth's Lone Ranger

As you can see we are a bit cloudy this Friday in my location in Texas. In the picture you are looking west from deep inside the Tandy Hills Natural Area, sometime around noon.

My favorite Cambodian-American, Fort Worth's Lone Ranger, also known as Steve, the Savior of Carter Avenue, did the Tandy Hills hiking with me today.

If you did not know Steve was not a native born Texan you'd never guess it by talking with him. He has a more refined Texas accent than native born Gar the Texan, with none of that nasal twang that Gar the Texan starts drawling when a case of the vapors is fast approaching.

The City of Fort Worth Water Boys were back on the Tandy Hills again today. This time with several trucks and a bulldozer.

Yesterday I saw that the Water Boys had entered the park via the east entry by Tandy Tower, going north at the first intersection. Today I could see they'd gone down the south option.

The access "trail" road that the Water Boys are using to work on fixing the storm drains is now a muddy mess, with a huge pile of crushed rock blocking the way.

We backtracked from the roadblock and went over a hill to get to the other side of the crushed rock block. I was surprised to see that some sort of vehicle had crossed Tandy Falls. I can only shudder to wonder what is in store for Tandy Falls.

Usually Tandy Falls and the pools of water on either side of the falls are very clear. Today the pools of water were very murky.

Murky water. That is sort of a metaphor for Fort Worth.


Gar said...

It's a West Texas vs East Texas twang.

West Texans have the nasal twang because of years of not breathing through the nose.
The refinery fumes are crazy.

Durango said...

Haven't you been away from West Texas long enough for the fume effects to have gone away?

Gar said...

The delirium induced by the vapors brings the 18 years of trauma back.