Monday, April 19, 2010

An 8.0 Earthquake Causing A Tsunami In Downtown Fort Worth With Lee Harvey Oswald's Mother Marguerite

Blog comments may be my favorite part of the blogging experience. Sometimes the comments can be informative, sometimes they can be funny, sometimes they can be inflammatory, sometimes they can just be downright stupid.

This morning's blog comments had a pair of good ones. Are they informative? Maybe. Funny? Sort of. Inflammatory? No. I don't think so, well, maybe.

The first of the 2 comments, that I'm talking about, came from Pat from Fort Worth, commenting on a blogging titled It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World In Fort Worth Texas.

Pat from Fort Worth is concerned about the upcoming 8.0 Earthquake that will wreak havoc in downtown Fort Worth and possibly cause a tsunami coming from the little lake that is part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Below is Pat's comment....

I believe the Texas earthquake forecast by Dr. Owour from Kenya is in downtown Ft.Worth, through the hospital district. I've been telling the City Council over 14 yrs. My council person Wendy Davis who crookedly obtained Sen. Kim Brimer's job, said "Whatever."

I identified with this article because they just bulldozed my 1928 brick house and cottage illegally because lawyers will not take on Ft.Worth. I felt if I'd resisted arrest to get me out, the earthquake would have come while I was in jail (if they did not "Waco" me) and I have not warned enough people. No house is worth an 8.0 earthquake at 1 a.m. after the mayor convinced people to move into downtown! . Warren Buffett, fraud that he is, is buying up Ft.Worth, and lately the BNSF railroad with passenger TCU Station one block behind my house. I guess the city feels they got FREE Development Property and made me pay to bulldoze it! They have big shopping center plans for this neighborhood and make sure developers know that most people here earn less than $30,000 a year! The earthquake is coming over greed of prosperity ministry brings BUT GOD has a soft spot for the poor.

The Trinity River Uptown will bring HEAVY WATER into the town area which an earthquake would spread all over and be a downtown tsunami.

When the Tarrant Count Justice Center was finished it begam to shake until desk drawers opened, evoking an engineer's study. Maybe a message from God or already shaky ground? Now, in June, Chesapeake will drill where I saw the earthquake. I surely would like to spiritualize this but I can't. God have mercy.
And then I heard from Alex Hidell in response to yesterday's blogging titled A Gray Drippy Sunday In Texas Swimming In The Rain. That blogging blogged about the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge and Lee Harvey Oswald's Gravesite, which prompted Alex to share his Lee Harvey Oswald memories...

There is a bar in Dallas called Lee Harvey's.

I saw the JFK motorcade.

A friend and I went looking for Oswald's grave one night on our bicycles. He lived in Handley and I was visiting. We were scared off by a night watchman or caretaker.

I saw Oswald's mother once at a Safeway on Camp Bowie Blvd. She was yelling at the butcher. My dad and I heard her yelling as we walked in the door and he said to me I bet that is old lady Oswald.
I can see where pedaling bikes, after dark, into Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park, where Lee Harvey Oswald is currently underground, would be a bit on the spooky side. If you read any of the many books about Lee Harvey Oswald's strange life, you get to meet his mother, Marguerite, in detail. She was a real piece of work. She is currently sharing space, nearby, underground, with her son, Lee, at Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park.

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