Friday, March 26, 2010

Sticking The Wild Woman Of Woolley In My Mustang's Trunk

Earlier today I mentioned the Wild Woolley Woman, Miss CVB, and her resemblance to her beautiful daughter.

So, I told Miss CVB that I'd recently come across some ancient photos of her teenage years. Today I had to scan a bunch of documents, so I figured, since I was doing some scanning, the first thing I'd scan was some evidentiary photos of Miss CVB, back when she was still Miss CV.

That is my first car in which Miss CV is trunk sitting. It was a 1965 Mustang Fastback. If it were still alive today it would be worth a small fortune.

I bought my Mustang in October of my Senior High School year. A lot of fun was had in that car.

I've been feeling a bit homesick for Washington lately, the scenery, the clean air, the good weather, the people. Washington is like living in a theme park. In Texas there is a nearby theme park that I can go to, Six Flags Over Texas, that I don't like. In Washington I could go a few miles east and be in the mountains, a few miles west and be on a saltwater beach.

In Washington I had so many favorite places to go hiking within a 25 miles radius. The Tandy Hills is nice, compared to other choices in my current Texas locale, but the Tandy Hills would not be hike worthy if they were nearby where I lived in Washington. I doubt they'd even have any trails. Why would they?

So, why is Miss CV in the trunk of my car? Well, we were wild kids. Miss CV was practicing for going to see a drive-in movie. She'd hide in the trunk and then once I was safely parked she'd climb through the panel door that opened from the trunk. We ended this practice after being caught at the drive-in in Bellingham. It was a little embarrassing.

I can't remember for sure if the car next to mine is Miss CV's or Miss Beth's, aka Miss Oahu's? If I remember right Miss CV had a Mustang and Miss Beth had a Cougar. I suck at identifying cars. If forced to guess I'd guess it is Miss CV's Mustang, mostly because I can tell the cars are sitting on her driveway.

The passage of a lot of time has dulled a lot of what I'm able to remember. The aforementioned Miss Beth wrote something in my annual about never forgetting a moonlit night at Bay View. I had no memory of what she was talking about. But, Miss CV claims this references an incident where it was real warm, with myself, Misses Beth and CV at Bay View, late, feeling like going swimming, but with no swimsuits, going swimming in our underwear. It bothers me because one would think I would remember this.

In the black and white picture I think me and Miss CV were up in the North Cascades, maybe. I remember having a picnic and pulling out the easy to remove back seat to use to sit on.

Okay, enough time spent on Nostalgia Road.


twister said...

I like your memories, more than my memories. After publicly sharing your memories with us on a blog, I have to ask, why are you even here? My lands.

Durango said...


"My lands?"

Does not compute.