Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow Falls On North Texas On The Last Day Of Winter & First Day Of Spring

That is the first day of Spring, 6 in the morning, view from my patio balcony. Note the white stuff on the balcony railing. Apparently the heavy wind kept the snow from sticking to tree limbs.

Yes. It snowed here in formerly non-Arctic Texas, just as the National Weather Service predicted, with the white stuff falling both on the last day of Winter and the first day of Spring.

The flakes began descending yesterday around 5. Because it was so windy, flakes were not making straight vertical descents. Yesterday's flake were minimalist in volume and widely varied in size. By the time the sun turned out its light for the night, no snow had accumulated, at least in my limited view.

When the sun arrives for the first day of Spring, and I'm able to more accurately assess conditions on the ground, I may decide to make my way to the pool and photo document swimming in the snow on the first day of Spring. It is a bit treacherous, with these conditions, to make it to the pool, due to a large pond of water that accumulated yesterday and may be frozen this morning.

On to a totally non-snow related subject. The number of people who have gone missing continues to grow.

Steve Doeung has been missing since Wednesday.

I believe the Queen of Wink has returned from her visit with Shamu or Namu or their descendants, but the Queen seems to be incommunicado, except for one cryptic message.

The Scrabble Queen of Washington has disappeared. She was being the temporary Scrabble Queen of Florida, doing her Scrabbling from a Gulf of Mexico beach location on the Florida panhandle.

Elsie Hotpepper was going to investigate some of these missing person cases, but now Elsie Hotpepper seems to have gone missing.

It is all very perplexing.

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U.Bickwitus said...

These rebels might possibly at a "re-education" camp, if you get my drift and know your history of communist tactics. Hope they come out alive and intact. Mayor Moregrief and his minions along with CHK's chief propagandist Julie Wilson have also been out of sight. Hmmm.