Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush Limbaugh & My Ditto Head Facebook Friends

I used to find Rush Limbaugh sort of amusing, back before he morphed into what, way too often, comes across to me, nowadays, as the rantings of the disloyal opposition.

I, like many, have grown a bit disappointed in President Obama. I would have preferred Hillary.

A couple times, during the pre-election period, Obama amazed me with nonsense. Like the day he repeated, several times, that over 10,000 had died in a tornado, in, I think, if I remember right, Kansas.

It appalled me that Obama did not intuitively know that 10,000 number had to be wrong, because, if it were correct, this would make that tornado the worst natural disaster in American history.

And then, just recently, speaking to a group of workers, Obama told them that the Health Care Reform would lower the Health Care Cost of a business by around 3,000 percent. Thus, possibly causing the business owner to give the workers a raise. The sheep roundly applauded.

How could Obama utter that ridiculous 3,000 percent figure and not intuitively know it was ridiculous? I mean, I suck at math, but even I can figure out that if you reduce a cost by just 100%, it now costs zero. But 3,000%?

I don't think things like this are impeachable offenses. But, maybe they should be.

And then we have Rush Limbaugh's Ditto-heads, mindlessly repeating twisted iterations of the stuff they hear him spout.

Just looking at my Facebook page and the comments made by some of my "Friends" is sort of scary.

I'll copy and paste some of them, leaving out the names so as to avoid embarrassing anyone anymore than they should already be embarrassed...

"My flag is upside down in distress. Last nite, our constitution was subverted and perverted by domestic enemies. From a 25 year AF vet."

"All Liberty loving patriots should be flying their flags upside down today and until we can take our country back!"

"We have been putting our flag stamps upside down ever since these dimwits took over our gov't!!! And good to see a lot of people still love the U.S.OF A.!!!!!"

"Well goodbye former United States of America hello United Socialist States of America !! Never will be the same !!!"

"I don't know if I am more sad or angry I can't believe they sold us out . I don't know if I want to cry or scream. All our fore fathers fought for sold out over a stinking lie from a stinking liar. How could anyone fall for his garbage !! Got to vent or I will blow up !!"

"It is a very sad night....but Jesus is coming soon!"

"I don't know if I'm more sad or angry either. I sat on the couch and cried the night Obama was elected because I knew it was going to be the beginning of the end of this great country."

"I did to, it was spiritual we were weeping for our nation. I still am, even knowing Jesus will come soon, but it so hard to see this great country go down to the likes of these thugs it breaks my heart. Honestly it makes me sick to my stomach. We are in for a rocky ride. May God have mercy on us!!"


Also on Facebook one of my more reasonable "Friends" linked to and commented about a Facebook Fan Page called "Help Rush Limbaugh Remember To Leave The Country."

"On March 9th, 2010, Rush Limbaugh made a promise on his radio show to leave the country if the new healthcare bill passes. Unfortunately, Rush is a very busy guy. That's where we come in. To help Rush with his bucket list, I suggest members of this group send him friendly reminders whenever they have a chance to help remind and encourage him to stick to his guns and help him keep the courage of his convictions."


Tincanman said...

Rush is a liar, a dishonest purveyor of hate. He won't leave his cushy 60 million dollar a year job to go to Costa Rico on his own. After all, Costa Rico has all that 'socialist' healthcare for all stuff going on. My preference would be to have Rush deported and incarcerated in Gitmo for about the next 20 years. Waterboarding would good on him, I think.

Durango said...

I was listening to El Rushbo for a few minutes this morning, much of his rants are like he is projecting his twisted world view on to those nasty hated liberals. Today he was going on about how he is all about 'loving' while the liberal dems are all about 'hating.' It was bizarre, so I turned him off. He's rarely funny anymore, while he can go on and on about how those nasty liberals have no sense of humor. So much over generalizing and over stating. And yeah, I think a treason trial is in order and some hard time at his beloved Gitmo.

Gar said...

Thanks for sharing your friendly facebook quotes.

Sheeple scare me.

I'm working on my new sarcastic idea. I alternate italics throughout a paragraph to make it sarcastic. It's painful. I'm thinking I'm going to write a utility to help automate it. Or perhaps only do the first letter of every word.