Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pushing Through Snow Drifts To Go Swimming On The First Day Of Spring In Texas

You're looking at the view of my pool, out the weight room window, with bushes covered with snow, on the first day of Spring in Texas.

If I remember correctly, last year, on the first day of Spring, the water in the pool was already a pleasant temperature and I already had a suntan. Those type Texas days are gone, now that the state, apparently, has decided to re-locate in the Arctic.

When the sun finally got around to lighting up the place, this morning, there was more snow to be seen than I'd expected. Due to the high wind, most areas, like around the pool, were swept clean of the cold stuff.

It is 33 out there right now, coming up on 10am. It was colder than that when I went out, pool-bound, about 8.

In the still photo, extracted from video, you can't tell I was reacting with a bit of a shiver when getting in the water. In the video version I verbalize my reaction to the cold saying something like, wow that's cold.

After I took the video picture I retreated to the Hot Tub to warm up. After that was accomplished I jumped back in the ice, from the deep end, and hurried to the shallow end.

If it weren't for adding an additional 40 pounds of insulative adipose tissue I don't think I'd be able to enjoy these cold morning water experiences. Does a morbidly obese person feel the cold at all? I can't help but wonder.

Still no word from any of the missing persons.

And on a totally unrelated note, the movie star Sandra Bullock is married to a guy named Jesse James. Apparently Jesse was a bad boy and has been in the news lately. Years ago there was another bad boy named Jesse James. Long ago I made a webpage about Jesse James and his imaginary connection to Granbury, Texas, titled "The Truth about Jesse James." Due to people looking for information about the modern day Jesse James bad boy, my webpage about the other Jesse James has gone through the roof, hit wise, due to people Googling for the truth about Jesse James.


twister said...

Durango, buddy. You're in fairly good shape due to all your hiking and such, but there's one other thing you should add to you fitness regime and I'll be joining with you on this; push ups. There's a website you'll find, searching for push ups on google. One hundred of those bad boys.

Durango said...

Twister, I hate doing pushups. What makes you think I don't already do those hated things?

twister said...

I'm no professional, this is for sure, but your pectoral muscles are testifying to the world about their lack of definition. Push ups, done correctly, should improve strength and definition. I'm in no place to judge, though. Carry on soldier.

Steve A said...

Y'all ought to stop all thise stupid exercise stuff and just go for a nice bike ride!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Are my ears deceiving me? But doesn't Mister Twister sound a bit like Gar the Texan...being all judgmental about stuff? Really, I've seen Mr. Durango's pecs up close...and well, let's just say I like what I see...

Durango said...

All this talk about my apparently plus-sized pecs makes me really uncomfortable.

But, it pleases me you liked what you saw. It's easy to please me.

I do see what you are saying about the similarity between Twister and Gartholomew. It has been a long time since I've seen the Garter, maybe he grew a foot taller and had head reduction surgery and he & Twister are the same person.