Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missing Persons Found In Texas With A Cold First Day Of Spring

I was in no mood to go hiking today, naked or otherwise. It's just too cold and windy. So, I went to my neighborhood Super Wal-Mart around noon.

Parked next to me I saw the sign you see here in a pickup truck window.

I experimented with that type hiking, last summer, after reading about this being a fad. It was not an enjoyable experience.

I don't know if the moon is full or if the first day of Spring causes kookiness, but I've had my plate full today.

Tootsie Tonasket called with the need to vent about the Tonasket police raids on her gang regarding alleged deer poaching. With it being warm enough in Eastern Washington that Tootise is BBQing today. Something one would not want to do today in my zone of Texas. I assume Tootsie is not BBQing deer meat.

The Queen of Wink is no longer missing. I had a long talk with the Queen. She had a fine time in San Antonio.

Elsie Hotpepper found Steve Doeung, so he is no longer missing.

And in what may be the kookiest thing of the day, Twister is very concerned regarding my undefined pectoral muscles and the need to alleviate this sad situation. Push ups are the prescribed solution. Maybe if I lost that extra 40 pounds I've gained it might prove valuable in this definition resolution problem.

Miss Puerto Rico called while I was doing lunch. I let it go to Voice Mail. I've not visited the Island Girl for a couple weeks. I assume she's left a message asking me to come over. I'll try to refrain from soliciting Miss PR's opinion regarding the sad state of my undefined muscle problem.

It is currently a balmy 45 with the wind continuing to gust. Three more months until Summer. Maybe it'll be warm by then.


Gar said...

In the future I'd appreciate it if you prefaced these types of posts with an adult material warning.

I mean. Hiking naked, coloring cheeks, full moons, and muscle definition? It's all a little too much to bare.

Durango said...

Sorry Garbo, I forgot how delicate your hypersensitive little feelers are regarding anything adult in nature. I'll try and remember to warn you in the future if a potential for upsetting you was lurking.