Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fort Chesapeake Guards Tarrant County College While J.D. Granger Drinks Beer

I was heading east on Harwood Road in Hurst around noon when I saw what you're looking at in the picture.

Those of us who live in, well, with, the Barnett Shale, know what this is.

Those outside the Barnett Shale Severe Contamination Pollution Hazardous Zone of Occupation might think this looks like a modernized version of an old Wild West Fort.

If it were, this would be Fort Chesapeake, due to it being a Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale natural gas drilling site. The wall is put up to muffle the disturb the peace sounds these operations emit.

This particular drilling site is near a couple apartment complexes, some businesses and is located on what I believe is Tarrant County College land. I vaguely recollect reading there was a gas drilling operation on college land. The open land, on which Fort Chesapeake sits, continues to the east a short distance, to where the college campus buildings are located.

With all this open land, I could not help wonder why Tarrant County College did not choose to simply expand at this location, rather than spend 100s of millions of dollars trying to build a downtown Fort Worth campus, which was aborted, prior to finishing, in order to move the downtown campus to the aborted Radio Shack headquarters.

Way too many things get aborted in downtown Fort Worth. Or so it seems to me.

New buildings could have been added and a lot of buses bought to transit students in from around the county for a fraction, I would think, of what the Downtown Fort Worth Tarrant County College boondoggle cost.

On to a totally unrelated note, well, it is related in that it involves something in Tarrant County.

So, last night there was a meeting in a church, a public meeting, held to let the public have input into the Riverside Park wetlands abatement part of the Trinity River Vision. At least that is what I think this was about. What I know for sure, because I read it in the Star-Telegraph (please note, that is Telegraph, not Telegram), that the meeting went bizarrely awry.

The infamously nepotistically benefitting son, J.D. Granger, of Fort Worth's favorite corrupt congresswoman, Kay Granger, was in attendance.

J.D. Granger did not speak at this public meeting. I don't know if J.D. did not speak because he was over medicated with his favorite adult beverage, or what.

I got the picture of J.D. knocking back a Shiner from the Star-Telegraph. For those of you not in Texas, a Shiner is the State Beer of Texas.

You can read all of what the Star-Telegraph's Eagle Eye Reporter had to say here...


Phil Hennen said...

Come on now, Durango, that beer looks like a freakin' south-of-the-border-piss Corona to me!

That makes this a much bigger scandal than you've implied so far.

Hadn't you better get to work on sluething that out!


Durango said...

Phil, I was afraid this would happen. That someone would correct me on the beer identity. I figured JD would be slurping down a Shiner, but something did not look right about the bottle. I'm shocked that he'd be caught, on camera, drinking a Mexican beer product. If there was no good reason to terminate JD from the job his mommy got him before, this should be the good reason.

Phil Hennen said...

Absolutely! Actually, if JD is so hot to help "Foat Wuth", he should be buying locally made Rahr beer by the truckload as inducements to his cronies. But I would hate to see such a fine local business get guilt by association with that bunch.