Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Non-Texan Kooky Washington Cop Story

I got email from Erik M. of Fort Worth this morning. This is what Erik had to say...


I came across this article and thought it might make your day, sounds familiar. Looks like Washington also has Gestapo police, I wonder if they are as bad as in Texas?

Erik M.

Ft Worth

When I clicked the link and started reading the article, I thought it was an incident that took place in my old home state of Washington. The highway names were not computing with me. Then I realized that this incident took place in the other Washington, that being the one with D.C. as part of its name.

In the Washington D.C. Gestapo incident a guy was driving what he thought was the speed limit, well, actually 3 miles over what he thought was the speed limit of 55. Then a D.C. cop pulled him over, right in front of a sign that increased the speed limit to 65. The cop ticketed the victim for going too slow. An $80 ticket for going 58 mph where the speed limit is 65 mph.

I do not know if President Obama has commented on this latest example of Gestapo stupidity.

Maybe there should be some sort of Universal Common Sense test that cops must pass before they are allowed to join the force. I wonder how much all this over policing, over regulating costs the economy? It's perplexing.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

A little birdie told me that in Ft Worth (I don't know about other places) the police force receives extra money from the federal government for every seat belt and speeding violation they issue. I haven't personally done the research to see if this is true...BUT it does make one wonder.

ChipSeal said...

"Maybe there should be some sort of Universal Common Sense test that cops must pass before they are allowed to join the force."

They already do that. The thing is though, if you fail it- they make you sergeant!

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