Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lightning Fires Burn Up My Night In Fort Worth

Well. I have had myself a wild Sunday night. Sometime around 6 a thunderstorm started up. Soon thereafter, Miss Puerto Rico called me and told me that the lightning was putting on a real good show. She has a great view from her balcony.

So, I told Miss PR I'd be right over.

When I drove onto Miss PR's property I found myself following firetrucks. And then I found myself waved off from driving further. So, I parked and walked in. The smell of smoke was heavy in the air, even with the heavy rain.

I was soon face to face with a building on fire. I saw Miss PR. Walked over to her. She was in full panic mode. Miss PR manages these buildings. It was a lightning strike that started the fire. Talking to a couple who lived on the ground floor of the 3 story building, I was surprised at their account of how the lightning flashed through their apartment, zapping out of fixtures, popping out lights.

This is the 2nd time I have seen the Fort Worth Fire Department in action. I have not a single word of criticism that I would direct towards them. Unlike the Fort Worth Police. Ironically, a fellow watcher, he being a resident of the ground floor apartment below the one on fire, echoed my sentiment regarding the Fort Worth Gestapo. He had had some run-ins with the FW Gestapo. And he was being impressed with the FW Firemen.

The fire kept re-starting. At one point a huge pulse of water shot through the roof, blasting us on the ground with water and debris. And still the fire did not die.

I did not get a good picture of the flames when they were being their most flameworthy. It got a bit chaotic at times and there were rain issues.

As you can see, the smoke and rain made for diminished visibility. As darkness turned out the lights, the firetrucks retreated, the apartment dwellers were directed to temporary dwellings. It seemed to me like a situation that could have had a much worse outcome, had a good outcome. The Fort Worth Firemen were on the scene incredibly fast. I was impressed. Now, if they could only teach the Fort Worth Police to Protect and Serve with equal high quality, well, Fort Worth might see itself taking one small step forward.


BigEdinTX said...

Good Lord, Durango

Glad to see that all that is over and your home safe back in front of your computer.

Poor Ms. Puerto Rico, she was expecting a quiet evening watching the storm in peace and her building burst into flame.

I do home the poor girl gets some rest this evening.

Durango said...

Big Ed in Tex---Miss PR's building did not burst into flame. It was a building far removed from her building. That is very kind of you to 'home' the girl got some rest.

Martha said...

He was also glad that 'YOUR' home safe. Those pesky contractions... and homonyms.

Durango said...

Geez, Martha, that was borderline cruel. I read through the Lightning Fires Burn Up My Night In Fort Worth blogging looking for an embarrassing mistake. And found none. But then found that what you were referencing was Big Ed in Tex's latest mangling of the language. I was relieved to find it was not me. Can you not find some sorta therapy or something that can fix Big Ed from these type typos? I refuse to read his stuff. It's just too painful and aggravating.