Monday, July 6, 2009

Jungle Walking With Cicadas At Veterans Park & Getting Followed By Bethenny Frankel

The Cicadas are being real plentiful this year. Everywhere I go it seems I am hearing them. They are busy chirping, or whatever you call the noise, outside my window right now.

This morning in the pool the Cicadas were busy making their racket. Then when the sun came up and the birds added their chirping, well, it sounds like a jungle out there.

I believe the Cicada noise is some sort of mating mechanism. If so I fear there is way too much Cicada mating going on. The Cicadas have been being real loud on the Tandy Hills.

And then today on my way to Chinatown to go to the Hong Kong Market I stopped to walk at Veterans Park in Arlington with the cicadas being their loudest yet. So, as I walked through the Veterans Park Jungle I turned the video recorder on to see if I could capture the noise for you who live in Cicada-free lands. That video is being processed, by YouTube, even as I type.

In other exciting news, my Twitter befuddlement continues, but in the midst of the befuddlement I got an email telling me that Bethenny Frankel is now one of my Twitter Followers. Why, I do not know. All I Twitter about is not understanding why anyone Twitters and that it would seem to be to be rather telling that the #1 Twitterer is the well-known Twit who calls himself Ashton Kutcher.

Bethenny Frankel is my favorite New York City Housewife. She is very funny. And she makes Skinny Girl Martinis. I believe Bethenny Frankel is on Facebook. Maybe she'll Facebook Friend me now that she is one of my Twitter Followers.

Due to last night's rain it was a bit on the humid side, while out and about today, adding a bit of a Heat Index factor to the base temperature which is in the pleasant mid 80s.

That's the lone soldier who stands guard, 24/7, over the memorial at Veterans Park in the picture.

After I was done in Chinatown I choose the route home that goes by the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium, intending to get on I-30 via Collins Street.

This will mean nothing to non-locals, but those new bridge projects across I-30 have gone into on steroids mode. Part of the new Center Street Bridge is open. The west bound entry off Collins Street is no more. A huge, deep canyon has been dug east of the Collins Street Bridge. The temporary westbound entry has you getting on the freeway west of the new Center Street Bridge. It was quite a confusing maze. I would not want to drive it after the sun goes down. That huge looping old Collins Street cloverleaf is totally gone.

Methinks this is going to be quite the improvement when it all gets done. Let's hope that is sooner than later.

Okay, YouTube is done processing, I'm going to go Twitter something for Bethenny now...


twister said...

When I was young, my brother, cousin and I would catch them at night when they were emerging from the ground to enter into their final life cycle. We'd put them on something and watch what really is a fascinating show.

Durango said...

Had no idea they came out of the ground. And that they look so much like my pet cockroaches. Thanks for the URL. I turned it into a link. It'll likely open in this little pop up window due to it would not allow me to use the open in a new window syntax.

Look at a Cicada.