Monday, July 20, 2009

Fort Worth Fascist Apologists

I've gotten a comment or two from supporters of Fort Worth's Ruling Junta's Fascist Rule, suggesting that it is totally unfair to use this term to describe Fort Worth.

I beg to differ. It is my contention that those who object to the suggestion that the way Fort Worth is ruled has Fascist attributes, do not know what Fascism is.

Fascism, at its heart, calls for the absolute political rule by its leaders, deploring the democratic ideal of the common people making important decisions.

Such as voting for massive public works projects, like the now, obviously, failing, Trinity River Vision.

Fascism makes use of controlled mass media. In Fort Worth, the Ruling Junta uses its mouthpiece, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, to disseminate misinformation. Currently there is a split in the Ruling Junta, as evidenced by the fact that in the past couple days the Star-Telegram has broken from the previous party line, regarding the Trinity River Vision, raising serious objections for the first time, thus signaling that the project is likely doomed.

Under Fascism corporate power is protected.

The city government of Fort Worth is deeply entwined with the Barnett Shale gas drilling industry, which is wreaking havoc all over Fort Worth, making citizens feel insecure and unsafe in their homes, with the Mayor of Fort Worth, Mike Moncrief, reaping revenue from all the drilling companies poking holes in his dictatorship.

Under Fascism the Supreme Leader is beyond reproach. Media is tightly controlled, with no one allowed to question the Supreme Leader. Fort Worth's Supreme Leader, Mike Moncrief, elected by 70% of 6% of Fort Worth's voters, refuses to answer questions from Fort Worth's actual real newspaper, that being the Fort Worth Weekly, which asks tough questions and does deep investigations into all that corrupts the Fascist City of Fort Worth. As best they can, without access to the dictatorship.

A Fascist State is obsessed with Crime & Punishment. In Fort Worth the Gestapo issues tickets to people caught not wearing their eyeglasses, even though they now wear contacts, and to people caught driving 10 mph while not wearing their seatbelts.

But worse than over policing extremely minor infractions, in a manner which makes the Fort Worth Gestapo appear like cartoon characters to the Free World, the Fort Worth Gestapo commits far worse crimes against humanity. Such as when a goon squad of Fort Worth Gestapo Police Thugs invaded the Rainbow Lounge, randomly handcuffing and beating perfectly innocent citizens, throwing them to the ground to lay face down on a parking lot, to the International Outrage of the Outside Free World.

The Rainbow Lounge crimes of the Fort Worth Gestapo have yet to be punished. Yet another hallmark of a Fascist State.

Under Fascism fraudulent elections take place. People in Fort Worth have been kowtowed, for so long, they seem to have lost any touch with the idea of living in a participatory democracy on the local level. So, in the civic election of a couple months ago, despite the widespread knowledge that Mike Moncrief is running a city rife with cronyism and corruption, he was re-elected, like I already said, by a 70% vote of 6% of the voters.

Speaking of cronyism and corruption, that is another sign of Fascism. The corruption in Fort Worth manifests itself on many levels. Just take the defunct Trinity River Vision. The first Fascist aspect is the citizens of Fort Worth were denied input or voting on this project. Another Fascist aspect is a corrupt politician engineered the installation of her son, J.D. Granger, as the puppet leader of the Trinity River Vision Project, with Granger being a man with zero experience running such a project. Another Fascist aspect, of the Trinity River Vision, is that even before anything substantial has gotten underway with the failing project, J.D. Granger and his cronies arranged to have a palace built for themselves to the tune of millions of dollars. So, the only thing completed of the Trinity River Vision is an ultra-expensive office building in a city with a lot of office space available for lease.

If bets were being taken by Vegas, I'd put my money on the chance that the Trinity River Vision Office will end up being the only thing ever completed of this Fascist project.

So, there you go. Now you know why, in my opinion, Fort Worth has way too many Fascist elements in play, at great odds with a representative democracy where freedom reigns supreme. I don't know if it will take outside intervention, in the form of federal investigations or some sort of internal reform, from some currently unimaginable source, but until the day comes that the vast majority of Fort Worth's people recognize that the way the Fort Worth Trinity Vision was shoved down their throats was wrong, and do something about it, Fort Worth's Fascist Reign will continue.

That is just sad.


Anonymous said...

For years now the private downtown police force, paid for be the Bass Family, that patrols downtown Fort Worth at night has been called by a lot of us The Basstapo. We are just used to living in a police state, I guess.

Don Young said...

Those are the same naysayers who jumped on me for calling FW, Dirty Ol' Town and for criticizing elected officials. That's a conscious tactic they use to keep things quiet. It worked against the local Black community in the 50's and 60's until Obama, it worked against the gays until last week, it has worked against Latinos but won't work much longer. I'm encouraged to see you are keeping the momentum going. FW has been stagnant for a half century. We need a great fire and a flood to purify the Earth in FW and make this place livable again. Maybe that black evangelist was right. Gas drilling IS a gift from God. But not in the way he thinks. I heard that she (God) moves in mysterious ways

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Used to not having common courtesy, common respect or common sense? Yes, I used the adjective common describe each of those words, not because I have a limited vocabulary, but because I feel courtesy, respect and sense should be common place.

Durango, are the citizens of FT Worth really that brow beaten or are they just apathetic?

Durango said...

CT2----Both brow beaten and apathetic.

JC Jensen said...

Like with the Rainbow Lounge goon sguading and no one getting in trouble or fired despite international anger pointed at Fort Worth, when Hitler had his kristalnacht, sending in his goon squads to destroy jewish businesses and terrorize there was international outrage and demands something be done. But just like in Fort Worth, nothing was done, because the goon squads were under the orders of the government.